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A teenage assassin, Dina, and her mentor, Keng, are forced to confront betrayal and danger when Keng is left for dead by their own organization. Keng sees potential in an ordinary office worker, Charlie, and makes him the new "Grey Fox Guardian" to protect Dina. Together, they must navigate the dangerous world of assassins and uncover a sinister plot that threatens millions. With thrilling action and a heartwarming bond between Charlie and Dina, "Kitty The Killer" is an adrenaline-fueled ride from start to finish.

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In the action-packed thriller “Kitty The Killer,” we meet Dina, a highly trained teenager assassin who has worked with her mentor, Keng, for years. Together, they have been on countless missions and have always had each other’s backs. However, their partnership is put to the test when Keng is betrayed by his own organization and is left for dead. 


As Keng’s escape, he meets Charlie, an ordinary office worker who he feels a special connection with. Keng sees potential in Charlie and decides to make him the new “Grey Fox Guardian,” a position that is tasked with protecting Dina from the organization that betrayed Keng. 


Charlie is thrust into a world he never knew existed, one filled with danger and constant threats to his and Dina’s lives. Together, they must navigate the treacherous landscape of the assassin’s world and stay one step ahead of their enemies. 


As they delve deeper into the organization’s plans, they discover a sinister plot that could threaten the safety of millions. Charlie and Dina must work together to stop the organization before it’s too late. 


With heart-pumping action, breathtaking stunts, and a heartwarming bond between Charlie and Dina, “Kitty the Killer” is an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end. 




Official Song by VKL

Introducing the artist VKL, with his new single from the motion picture "Kitty The Killer"

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Welcome to the world of The Agency, a secret order of assassins formed over a thousand years ago to bring order to the world. The Agency is a vast organization with many branches and management teams all over the world, each handling different assassination missions to maintain balance in the world order.

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